Rough Water Baptism

Author Albert Norton Announces Release of Rough Water Baptism, Story of a Young Woman’s Awakening Set in San Francisco Bay Area

Atlanta, GA — Literary fiction author Albert Norton announces the release of his second novel, Rough Water Baptism (ISBN 978-1-63213-268-0). The book can be found, the publisher’s site,, and the author’s site,

Elise Brinkley grew up in San Francisco, with her brilliant neuroscientist father, absorbing from him and from her environment a worldview that insists that the material world is all there is. Her life is in some ways perfect, unperturbed by doubt, but her thinking is challenged as she experiences through her friend Joy a sense that there must be something more to this life. When she is swept up in a romance with the handsome and enigmatic Tino, she finds he is not what he appears to be, and her world comes crashing down on her in the space of a few hours.

Part drama, part soul-searching philosophical questioning, Rough Water Baptism paints characters whose interior worlds are real but profoundly different. “It seems to me that there is a grand divergence in outlook today between those who think that everything real is explainable by science, and those who think that there is more to reality,” said Albert. “This is an important fault line in the culture, just as the San Andreas fault line plays a big part in the plot of this story. People find the world to have become “disenchanted,” with no explanation why, so I wanted to tell the story of a spiritual journey, deliberately starting that journey from a standpoint of passive acquiescence to what I think is the default position of the culture.  That’s the position Elise starts out in.” In its fullness, the book hints that there is a reason to believe in divine origin for the good, the true, and the beautiful in our lives.

Albert Norton, Jr. is an essayist and novelist living in Atlanta, Georgia, who writes about issues of culture and philosophy as it affects religion at A practicing attorney of some 30 years’ experience, he has closely followed developments in Constitutional law, in particular on religious freedom and free speech. His first book was False Neutrality: How Secularism Eclipses Faith, a nonfiction criticism of fallacious mainstream thinking, and his first novel was Another Like Me, about a man who finds himself the sole survivor of an unstoppable pandemic, and then realizes he is not alone after all.

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