There is no moment of completion, in this life, when all of the moments of terror, boredom, worry, and ecstasy merge on a plateau on which the balance of our lives will be lived . . . we should be resigned that it will continue to be a mix of fear and contentment.

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Albert Norton, Jr. is an essayist and novelist, who blogs on issues of culture and philosophy as it affects religion. His first novel was Another Like Me (eLectio Publishing 2015). This is a book of adventure, but it is also a book about man’s consciousness; that of each person to the other, and about the Consciousness that surrounds us all. It is about war and peace and the truth of what we are without God, and with Him. His second novel is Rough Water Baptism (eLectio Publishing 2017), about the difficult re-enchantment of the world for one young woman who has all the material advantages one could hope for, but who begins adulthood in a spiritual desert.

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I picked up this book because I had just read Howard’s Chance or the Dance, and was much impressed. Christ the Tiger is a spiritual memoir. The title (Christ the Tiger) is from a line in a poem by T.S. Eliot, but it also perfectly captures Howard’s theme, which is that dogmas and orthodoxies are […]


Let’s consider truth. Truth in the abstract. The concept of truth. Why does it matter to us? To be clear, the question is not whether particular things are true or not, or whether we prefer truth to falsity, or even our affinity for truth as opposed to falsehood in ourselves or others. The question is:  Why […]


I found Thomas Howard’s book Chance or the Dance because I’d read Eugene Warren’s poem Christographia XIV. Warren used the phrase Chance or the Dance and I thought it would be a good title for a book I’ve written and am just beginning to market, examining evidence (existence, intuition, yearning, significance, and so on) according to […]