More Roger Scruton. Here’s an excerpt from Modern Philosophy, in which Scruton is talking of the sterile landscape left by scientistic reductionism: The meaning of the world is enshrined in conceptions that science does not endorse: conceptions like beauty, goodness and the soul which grow in the thin top-soil of human discourse. This top-soil is […]


Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro is ruining me as a writer. He precisely balances the need for tension to drive the story line, on the one hand, with a slow reveal of plot through an unreliable narrator, on the other. It’s difficult to pull off, but he does it magnificently. The trouble is, I like it so much […]


Modern Philosophy

A review of Modern Philosophy (Penguin 1994) by Roger Scruton. This book is, as subtitled, “an introduction and survey,” but there is also an underlying thesis in Scruton’s arrangement of subjects. By “modern philosophy” he means not merely recent developments in philosophy, but an emphasis on philosophers since Descartes who are “modernists” – committed to […]