Ways of Being

Suicide and Hope Is it possible that a person who commits suicide was actually a Christian? I think so. The event of taking one’s own life is usually fast and irrevocable. Yes it’s something they do to themselves, but does that single volitional act always negate the beliefs of a lifetime that went before? It’s […]



You know the word “chap” as a British-ism, like “bloke” or “mate,” a casual reference to a male acquaintance. The diminutive form, “chappie,” would suggest an added level of bonhomie. The words (“chap” and “chappie”) have currency in South Africa, which, in futuristic vision, is the setting of a 2015 movie titled Chappie. In the movie, the sobriquet is […]


Blinkered Reality

Sean Carroll is a physicist who sometimes dabbles uncomprehendingly in philosophy, as in his entrée into the New Atheist genre, The Big Picture. In it, Carroll repeatedly and exasperatingly assumes his conclusion (there is no supernatural reality, therefore there is no supernatural reality), adopts a materialism-of-the-gaps outlook (any gap in our understanding of physical things […]