Tripping Truth

What might be the connection among love, evil, free will, and psychedelic drugs? Argument From Evil You may be familiar with the “argument from evil;” the idea that there cannot be a God because God as He is conceived would be all-powerful and all-good, and therefore would not allow evil. But there is evil, therefore […]


All-Seeing Eye

I wrote about Jordan Peterson in Psychological Avatar, in particular his understanding of God. Or “God,” as he might say. The question is whether there is a “God Who is There,” in Francis Schaeffer’s phrasing, or whether “God” is only a representation of ultimate human aspiration, an avatar for the ground-up Darwinian psychological development to […]


Psychological Avatar

I’m going to say something about Jordan Peterson, who has risen to fame in a way that is quite gratifying to see: through the power of his words and reasoning, without stooping to least-common-denominator, ear-tickling moral exhibitionism.  His popularity has grown organically.  His willingness to take a stand against postmodernist absurdity has endeared him to a […]