Unnameable Present

The Unnamable Present, by Roberto Calasso, is curious and compelling.   The first half is about the features which render the post-millenial age “unnameable.”  In it, Calasso connects otherwise disparate strands of thought, in very interesting ways.  The presentation of these series of connections together characterize the unnameable present.  In the second half, Calasso presents […]


Fideism and Empiricism

Apostrophe Abuse             I have affirmative proof of the imminent collapse of civilization.  In Britain there was something called “The Apostrophe Protection Society.”  They just announced:  “We, and our many supporters worldwide, have done our best but the ignorance and laziness present in modern times have won.”  In case you think I make this stuff […]


Overton Window

The Mind               Friday’s (11/22/10) Wall Street Journal article by Robert Lee Holtz:  Music’s Universal Pull Studied by Algorithm.  Turns out there are some “universal patterns” in music, even correcting for biases of culture, perception, and the findings appearing in Western scholarship.  Music apparently has “bedeviled” Darwinian biologists.  Luke Glowacki of Pennsylvania State University […]