Woke Menace

Rod Dreher

I almost missed this important blog from Rod Dreher, because I was too busy to read all his offerings that day (Feb. 7th) and because the title (The Woke Menace) sounded like it could be a bunch of caterwauling about the stunted imagination of the way-out left.  But then I opened it because of the subtitle: Identity Politics is Cultural Socialism. You should read it, here.

I grow increasingly concerned about the cultural hegemony attempted by postmodern, “woke” moralists, because they are Maoists, really. It’s not just about silly economic re-distribution ideas, like those bruited by the photogenic but over-exposed (publicity-wise) Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. The idea is that certain groups are acceptable and others are not, and those that are not will be accepted by society only as second-class citizens, and only if they confess their guilt as privileged oppressors. Possibly not even then. If you’re a conservative, and especially a white male Christian conservative, you’re a kulak and it’s off to Siberia for you. Or, tomorrow, into the tumbrils and thence to the guillotine.

You might think that’s extreme, but group-identity tyranny always begins with rumblings like this, before proceeding to the ovens of the holocaust or the gulags of the Soviets or exclusion and starvation by the Maoists. Anyway, read the blog. It’s sort of an article within an article, with Dreher’s commentary on top of that.


Ethical Non-monogamy

Another observation, this one a little lighter, but only a little. It evidences a trend that is in its own way just as scary; in fact it is of a piece with the Cultural Socialism concern. You’ve probably read here and there about “polyamory,” the intentional undertaking of a life-style that includes more than one sexual partner at a time. This has been going on since the beginning of time, of course, but never before as a supposedly reasonable and even “ethical” lifestyle choice. What’s different is that it’s being normalized, just as we have seen so many sexual practices normalized in just a few recent years. There are even stirrings of attempted normalization of pedophilia, so hold your children close. Here’s a recent personal ad in the New York Review of Books:

Native NYer, Jewish-Dominican, 38, live in BK, Music Biz for work. Hobbies: Painting, baking bread, and exercise. Ethically non-monogamous. Looking for a woman aged 28-40 who loves to eat, go upstate, maybe start a family.

Does the phrase “ethically non-monogamous” jump out at you? Remember, this is in a personal ad. A man seeking a woman for romantic purposes, “maybe . . . a family,” and the woman he finds needs to be ok with not being his sole romantic interest. “Ethically,” of course.

Most dictionary definitions of “ethical” will refer to principles of morality. So what we have here is the implicit assertion that promiscuity becomes morally questionable only if it is undisclosed to one’s partner.

That may not seem like an earth-shattering idea, in this day and age, but it says something about the origin of the very concept of morality. You are the maker of the sexual morals to which you subscribe. You alone. It’s not God, and it’s not even society around you. You are a god, and no one tells you what to do. Not even someone with whom you share life, loosely modeled on the old outdated husband-wife paradigm.


The Smartest . .  er, Richest, Man in the World

Ok, one more thing, in case you missed it, this one still lighter, though in a way it ties in to the last two items. The richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos, the founder and head of Amazon. Evidently he was caught with his pants down, so to speak, because he is reported to have sent by text or email some pictures of his privates to someone, who cares to whom. But those pictures ended up in the hands of the National Enquirer, as such things are wont to do. Bezos apparently decided extortion is worse than flagrant lewdness, these days, so he went public in the twitterverse, claiming the National Enquirer tried to extort money from him by threatening to publish the pictures.

The National Enquirer’s parent company’s CEO is someone named Pecker. The headline which ensued in the New York Post: “Bezos Exposes Pecker.”


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