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Donald Trump: I don't want David Duke's endorsement - POLITICO

Here’s a commentary on the Trump election, from a political conservative and atheist friend who is not normally overtly hostile to Christians and Christianity, but who reels at the election of Trump.

The sad irony and hypocrisy of this mess is that Christians were not only integral in elevating Trump in the primaries over far more moral candidates, Trump could not have been pushed over the finish line without their massive help.

To the extent the comment (and similar ones like it) is directed to individual Christians, is it fair?

This was an awful choice.  Imagine you’re a Christian and you’re standing in the voting booth, praying because until this moment you have not been able to see yourself voting for either candidate.  You have only 3 choices:  Nobody, Clinton, or Trump.  Clinton is unthinkable.  It would mean a continuation or even acceleration of the soft tyranny we are already under.  Trump certainly has lots of baggage, to say it as mildly as I can think of, but his personal morality is not even close to being the issue.  It’s not like Clinton is a beacon of moral strength.

Not voting for that office was certainly an option, but the only advantage to that option is having the ability to later say “I didn’t sponsor him [or her] with my vote.” But that amounts to abdication of the responsibility we have to exercise the vote the best way we can.  Abstaining from voting for that office could only be responsibly based on the principle that the abstention is best for the country, not personal satisfaction because the choices are horrid.  If our best understanding brings us to the conclusion that Trump is even slightly less likely than Clinton to accelerate this country’s suicide, then he should get the vote.  Now whether he is that or not is certainly open for debate, but again, it was an awful choice.

Unquestionably, many Christians or ostensible Christians think of their faith as being somehow distinct from their politics and that’s wrong.  But the question is not who is the “more moral candidate.”  Jimmy Carter clones would win every election and think what a mess we’d be in then.  A cursory reading of the Old Testament gives us all kinds of examples of bad men unintentionally advancing God’s agenda.  Cruz or Rubio might be more “moral,” but that wasn’t the question.  The question was whether they were more capable of leading the country out of its decline.  We shouldn’t regard Christians who voted for Trump in the primaries or in the general as having necessarily abandoned their faith to do so.

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