Renouncing Our Freedom of Speech

Two bits of speech, and contrasting attitudes about them.  The first, Michael Moore’s despicable criticism of snipers, in response to the recent (and hugely popular) movie “American Sniper.”   He tweeted:  “We were taught snipers were cowards. . . . Snipers aren’t heroes. . . .” The second, an art display:   ku klux klan […]


Who’s the Racist?

The interviewee was an attractive black woman who had a PhD in something or other.  She was being interviewed about the problems of young African-Americans, directionless, with a tendency to violence and police confrontation.  The schools should do this.  Churches could do that.  We should have a national conversation about it.  “Civil rights leaders” have […]


The Linkage of Racism and Police Shootings.

Compassion first, then reason.

Well-meaning people of color express deep pain over their sense of separateness from the mainstream of society.  Whites, they feel, rest comfortably as the norm, without the unique perspective that a black person has.  African-Americans are always outsiders, some feel.  And so, a clash like in Ferguson is taken as an opportunity to air the grievances and seek resolution, if not reconciliation.  The recently highlighted shootings of young black men by white police officers inspires a passionate response. Continue reading “The Linkage of Racism and Police Shootings.”